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Eurasia will connect Berlin and Beijing

High-speed railway corridor from Berlin to Beijing with a length of 9.5 thousand km. continue to be regarded as the most promising transport project of the next decade.

The importance of a direct high-speed rail link between Europe and China and freight broker training nyc has been compared to the Suez Canal. It is planned to transport about 37 million people and 20 million tons of cargo per year along the railway corridor, and the train will cover the distance from Berlin to Beijing in 5 days.

In practice, the implementation of the project requires the solution of many engineering and legislative problems, including: a significant difference in climate along the route, railway and communication standards do not match, customs and border control procedures are contradictory, requirements for safety and quality of service on the railway do not match, etc. .d.

To date, the issue of financing construction has not been resolved. If the project participants from China, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan stated that they were ready to contribute 40% of the funds out of the required 10 trillion. rubles, the European partners have not yet decided on the source of funding.

Despite the existing difficulties, the Eurasia Highway project will continue after the lifting of all restrictions associated with the coronovirus.