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More freight operators are switching to environmentally friendly trucks

Global environmental trends are seriously influencing operators’ investment in non-polluting alternative fuel trucks. The research on which the report’s conclusions are based was conducted by the independent company Gladstein Neandross and Associates. They covered the propane, natural gas, battery and hydrogen fuel cell truck categories.

The experts freight broker training school concluded that transport operators have encouraged the transition to trucks running on alternative fuels. These trends are held back only by the high initial cost and the lack of proper infrastructure.

The main conclusions of the report:
– the main motivator – climate change and air deterioration, make us think about the environmental friendliness of transport. Concern about these factors is driving the move towards the use of environmentally friendly technologies.
– clean technology is more than fashion. About 98% of fleets use environmentally friendly technologies and are going to increase their use in the future.
– renewable fuels are not inferior to the basic ones. The operators interviewed confirmed that they do not experience a significant performance degradation and intend to continue using them.

Experts also expressed their opinion that each fleet should first study a fairly wide range of environmentally friendly fuel and select an alternative option according to its capabilities, as the industry is inevitably moving away from diesel fuel.

There are many levers for carriers to achieve their environmental and economic goals.

Small businesses with fewer than 10 vehicles in their fleet have the opportunity to use government assistance and support to switch their fleet to alternative fuels. Such a transition is definitely worth making, even if you change trucks gradually.