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Most active months

What months are called “peak” months in US logistics?

The most “peak” months for America’s truckers are mid-August, through the end of the fall, until Thanksgiving, when businesses begin stockpiling ahead of the upcoming holiday season, plan to shop for school shopping in September; as well as November and December – the months of Christmas and New Year.

At this time, freight and freight prices increase significantly, and the transport capacity, on the contrary, is limited.

What is the reason for the “peak” season?

There can be a lot of factors, if we talk about the summer period and autumn, then vacations serve as their catalyst … ordinary summer holidays, when many companies close for rest and holidays. During this period, goods for delivery are sent to consolidation warehouses. As a result, traffic growth is declining, and after the holidays, carriers are trying to cover and send immediately everything that they have “stale” on the shelves.

The Christmas period is the time when Americans want their family and friends to receive gifts from Santa Claus exactly on Christmas and New Year’s Day, which means that traditionally this season starts after Thanksgiving, as everyone is in a hurry to order gifts in advance. Demanded product groups also change depending on the season, whether it be school supplies, gift items or agricultural equipment, during the sowing and harvesting periods.

Freight carriers call this time the best, but it is also the most troublesome, because the first problem that the company faces is to reduce the growth of costs for this period, both for themselves and for customers, at the same time, providing people with a stable service.