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The main advantages of dispatching

“Who is a dispatcher? What does he do? How does he earn $5,000 from anywhere in the world working for the US market? What else is beneficial for this profession? – Nick painted the answers to all these questions in detail, talking with everyone who wants to learn as much useful information as possible.

“The truck dispatcher is a very profitable profession,” says Nick, “primarily because it gives you the opportunity to work remotely. After the pandemic, we all know that online work has become relevant, and all a dispatcher needs is a mobile phone with a network connection and knowledge.

So, he can work from home, from the office or even on vacation, on the beach. Of course, you don’t particularly want to work on the beach, but, nevertheless, even there it is possible.

Flexible schedule is another plus of dispatching. The manager is his own boss. If he has, for example, one driver, then he can load a trucker two days ahead and then rest all day.

But, of course, if you want to make good money, then it is better to load 6-7 trucks, although 5 is enough, it all depends on which country you live in.

Fast learning is another plus of the profession. The dispatcher is a profession that does not require training at a university, like a lawyer or a doctor. You do not need to plow 7 years at the university. Six months in this position, and you already have a good understanding of what is happening in the market. Another year, and you can already be called an experienced dispatcher who has faced a large number of working moments.