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Watch the timing

Timing is the second most common problem for beginner brokers. It is due to the fact that US law provides for strict regulation in terms of the movement of truck drivers. They can only drive 11 hours a day.

Accordingly, we need to be careful when we send cargo on the way so that the driver can be in the right place at the right time. This mistake is quite common among novice dispatchers, they do not ask the driver how many hours he will have available for driving, for rest, and in principle, how many more hours he will be able to work this week.

How to solve this lack of communication between the driver and the dispatcher? Very simple. Every morning you ask the driver to send a photo from an available device about how many free hours they have at the moment.

Even if there are failures in timing, you need to let the broker know in time, say that we do not have time to be loading or unloading and resolve this issue directly with him.”

In addition, Alexey identified such mistakes in the work of the dispatcher as lack of confidence in himself and in his abilities, fear of talking with a broker about money, as well as excessive impudence and attempts to ask for a price above the market, unreasonably. For information on how to avoid these errors and how to solve them, see the video above.